Induction Performance IGN1A Coil Kit

Price: $759.00 (USD)

Induction Performance High Output IGN1A Coil Kit

The IGN1A coil has been gaining popularity among the 2JZ community for their amazing ability to produce powerful spark without the need for an igniter. These smart coils will be the last coils you ever buy. More power, better idle and drivability, and with our beautiful CNC precision machined billet aluminum bracket and stainless allen head bolts, we feel it’s an aesthetic upgrade as well.

The kit comes complete with six coils, our bracket with hardware and spacers and premium 8.5mm Magnecor plug wires. We also have plans to introduce a flying lead harness to make the installation a breeze. That will be a little later down the line.

This kit works with all aftermarket ECUs once properly wired and setup.

No more expensive and fragile aftermarket ignition boxes. No more remanufactured OEM coils that are hit or miss. For roughly the cost of a new set of OEM Toyota coilpacks, you can upgrade your ignition system to the ultimate level and never have to touch it again!

This system removes the need for the OEM igniter, OEM coilpacks or any auxiliary ignition amplifiers like a M&W or MoTec CDI. 


  • Coils: $72 each / $419 for six
  • Bracket: $249 w/ stainless hardware and spacers (raw finish only currently)
  • Wires: $199 for set of six
  • Wire harnesses are built per order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for assembly.

(Pictured with optional Wire harness)