PHR Stainless Boost Control Line Kit for S45/S23 Turbo Kits

We are happy to introduce a complete solution for wastegate plumbing on for PHR S23 and S45 Turbo manifolds and Kits. This kit provides all stainless plumbing for boost control using a 3-port boost solenoid, as well as PHR's billet solenoid bracket. The 3 Port Solenoid itself is NOT included with the base kit, but you can add as an option.

Save time and get rid of rubber vacuum tubing by upgrading to full stainless -4 lines. Make yours an engine bay to envy.

PHR 01012039
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Black Hose Ends, Stainless Line
Black Hose Ends, Black Covered Stainless Line


  • Single Wastegate
  • Stainless Line
  • No Solenoid
  • Tial/Precision
$324.50 (USD)
$324.50 (USD)