PHR V50 Billet Vband Promod Turbo Kit

Take advantage of the latest in turbo technology by getting the only kit in the world to feature Precision Turbo's Gen 2 and Gen 3 Promod Vband Turbos!

PHR is proud to off the S50V Billet Vband Turbo Kit for the 93-98 Toyota Supra TT. The S50V turbo kit features the Powerhouse Racing S50V Turbo manifold which features full stainless schedule 10 1.5" runners and BILLET VBAND COLLECTOR. Built all by hand by our master fabricators.

The PHR S50V Kit is designed Drag Cars looking for the highest horsepower they can possible make on the 2JZ. When you need that extra something to give you the edge over your competition. This turbo kit is for those looking to maximize the potential of the turbo and motor combination. For racers looking for 1600 to 2500hp, this is the kit you need!

The PHR S50V Turbo manifold and all exhaust components are offered with the option of 2000 Degree black heat coating or Billiant Silver Coating for durability and heat reduction.

Each PHR S50V turbo kit comes with:
 Your choice of Turbo,
 S50V Vband, Billet Collector Manifold,
 Full stainless 5.0" downpipe/midpipe,
 Two Precision 46mm wastegates,
 Drop-Down Intercooler Pipe,
 6" Air Intake
 Oil Feed,
 Oil Return,
 PHR Waterneck Rotator,
 and all hardware and gaskets.

The PHR S50V turbo kit is fully customizable to fit your individual needs. Use the options below to select your turbo and other options to build your one-of-a-kind turbo kit.

Part # PHR 01012304.VD

PHR 01012304
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(Dumped to Atmosphere)
Dual 46 or 44 (Will delay shipment)


  • Promod 88
  • Dual Precision 46mm
  • Raw
  • Raw
  • Raw
  • No Blow Off Valve
  • No Recirculation
$11,767.45 (USD)
$11,767.45 (USD)