PHR Hubcentric Alignment Ring for Weld Racing Alumastar Wheels on Supra

Price: $45.00 (USD)
PHR 01012405
PHR knows what's hot for the Toyota Supra. Weld Wheels are hot. Powerhouse Racing is the go to source for Weld on the Supra and we know what's required to make them fit. (Call PHR for info on your setup and what will be required).

The Hubcentric Alignment Ring makes the hub carry the load of your car, not the wheels studs. These will help keep them from breaking by reducing the radial load of the vehicle riding on the wheel studs. The alignment ring for the Alumastar has a cut radius that matches the Alumastar wheel to keep the wheel centered to the hub and keeps the alignment ring from being able to fall forward.

The Alignment Ring is sold EACH. You will need one for each wheel.