PHR/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit for Spec Twin/ Mini Triple disc clutch

Price: $515.00 (USD)
PHR 01012224

If you have a Spec Multi-Disc Clutch for 6spd Supra, you need to look at the problems they have been having with their hydraulic release bearings.

We decided to dig into this after having several customers have their release bearings fail on the spec mini triples. I've recommended this clutch many times and we think the clutch itself is a great clutch... however the release bearings are a big problem. Every single one has failed. This one in particular is from a customers 6 speed supra




As you can see in the picture, the orings are rotted. This is not from wear. This is from the clutch fluid literally eating the o-rings. Spec, or whoever builds these release bearings for them (clutch masters appears to have the same bearing, China perhaps) is using the wrong material in their orings. The orings are not compatible with normal type brake fluids (dot3, dot5).

Of course this failure will only happen after the release bearing is out of warranty. (120 days). It takes a little time before the o-rings will be eaten to a point of failure.

Spec should be able to offer quality product they can stand behind, and I'm sure they don't stand behind this.

Here is the solution to the problem. PHR is now offering Tilton slave cylinders and adapters to work with the Spec mini triple clutch. We are fairly certain these will work with the Spec twin disc as well but have not confirmed.

So if you have a spec clutch with their hydraulic release bearing, u need to get this setup before u have a failure on your hands.


Do NOT buy Spec clutches for your supra unless you also purchase the PHR/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit. Together they are a good combination, but without the tilton release bearing it is an imminent failure.