PHR Street Torque Downpipe

This downpipe comes in the PHR Street Torque Turbo Kit. It mates from the turbine housing to the factory catalytic convertor or any other stock twin aftermarket downpipe.

This downpipe will also work most other cast manifold designs paired with tangental turbine housing turbos.

Standard wideband UEGO O2 sensor port with optional OEM O2 sensor port.


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SKU: PHR 01011109.US
SKU: PHR 01011109.JS
(will still come with wideband bung)
This would only be a necessary part if still using the stock ECU. --- SKU: FB.07.SS.TOX.300.PD
You will take care of this yourself or not getting a stock O2 sensor bung.
PHR will weld stock O2 sensor bung to the downpipe. --- SKU: PHRLO2


  • USDM Flange
  • No Stock O2 Sensor Bung
  • No
  • Uncoated
$366.45 (USD)
$366.45 (USD)