PHR Billet Fuel Pickup with Weldon 100 Micron Fuel Filter and Bracket for Priming Pump

We are happy to be offering this exciting new product. The PHR Billet Fuel Pickup is a complete solution for your external fuel pump needs in your big-power Supra. Whether you are using a big electrical fuel pump to move large amounts of fuel to your rails, or you are building a horsepower monster with a mechanical pump to put shame to those who dare line up next to you, this pickup is the solution for getting the fuel out of your stock fuel tank, to the pump.


The PHR Billet Fuel Pickup offers a multitude of solutions for any Supra.
  • The bulkheads swivel a full 360 degrees.
  • The hat itself can be turned to any position to adjust which side the bulkheads are on.
  • Return Line Ports/Primer Ports/In-Tank Ports can be -6 or -8 size for many configurations
  • The sending bracket has a number of positions it can mount to if you turn your hat any particular direction.
  • It includes a bracket for a priming pump if you are using a mechanical fuel system for easy starting.
  • The priming pump bracket can turn to any position, 360 degrees, so no matter how you position your hat, the pump can always be in your ideal position.
  • You can use without a priming pump if you are running an electric pump. Or can use priming pump bracket to mount a small pump for low boost driving, then activate external electric pump for high boost
  • It has options for 12AN or 10AN outlets, whichever you need.
  • Made of billet aluminum and black anodized, you will never have to worry about corrosion if using alcohols.
  • It uses Tefzel wiring inside the tank, so you never need to worry about your fuel eating the wires.
  • It features a Weldon 100 micron stainless fuel filter as part of the assembly itself, so mounting a pre-pump filter is already taken care of, saving your money on on hose ends fittings and mounting solutions.

Take care of all of your needs in one shot. Don't waste time and money trying to piece together a rigged feed for your pump. Lets get to dragging competition. The PHR Billet Fuel Pickup is the solution you've been looking for.

PHR 01011234
Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
If not using an in tank pump or using check valve kit
If not using an in tank pump or using check valve kit
Usually used for mechanical fuel pumps
Usually if using only external electric pump


  • -10AN
  • -6AN
  • 5/16 barb
  • -6AN
  • 5/16 barb
  • -12 Pickup Tube
  • No primer/in-tank pump
$699.00 (USD)
$699.00 (USD)