PHR Stage 1 2JZ-GTE 3.0L Shortblock

PHR builds the best 2JZ motors in the world. Our machine work, assembly process, and parts we use are second to none.

The PHR Stage 1 Shortblock is intended for street/strip cars making up to 1000hp.

Upgrade Components included in the Stage 1 Shortblock are:
Carillo HD H-Beam Rod Set with CARR bolts
CP Pistons
Clevite Race Rod Bearings
King Race Main Bearings
ACL Thrust Washer

Upgrade options:
Upgraded Wrist Pins
Main Studs
Head Studs
Brand New Block/Crank

A core is required. Customer should understand that theyneed toprovide a core or purchase a brand new block and crank from PHR. Ifcustomer is providing a core, work cannot begin on the block until thecore is recieved or other arrangements are made. The core must be ableto be machined to 87mm piston at the largest and pass the PHR inspectionprocess to be considered a good core Call PHR at817-238-8434 if you have any questions.

All of PHR's shortblocks go through a rigorous inspection and assemblyprocess. Every block is completely disassembled to its smallest partsand each part is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The crankshaft isinspected for any flaws or cracks. The crankshaft oil passages arechecked for any flaws that would hinder oil flow or proper oil delivery.The block itself is checked for deck straightness, bore alignement andany cracks or imperfections.

Once the block passes inspection, machine work begins. The block deck isresurfaced if necessary. The block oil galleys plugs are removed andeach galley is rethreaded for a servicable NPT plug. Each cylinder isbored and honed, taking into account the specification for piston towall clearance for each individual piston in its bore. The entireassembly is balanced and each piston, rod, or crankshaft counterweightis adjusted as necessary. The alignbore is honed as well if necessary tobring the bore to proper tolerance for bearings and alignment. Each rodis sized for it's individual bearing and crankshaft journal as well ashoned for the piston wrist pin.

Once machine work is finished, assembly of the long block begins. Eachcrankshaft journal and main bearing in it's place is measured for exactclearance using a bore dial and adjusted to precise tolerances. The sameis done the rod bearings. Each piston ring gap is measured and adjustedto fit each piston in it's bore. PHR uses Brad Penn assembly lube oneach necessary part. The piston is then attached to the rod and placedin it's individual cylinder. The rods bolts and crankshaft bolts orstuds are torqued to exact specification using a precision torquewrench. This completes the shortblock assembly. The shortblock is thenprepped for shipping or installation.
PHR 01010509
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  • 8.5:1
  • Standard
  • Stock Main Bolt
  • No Head Studs
  • I will provide core
$5,850.00 (USD)
$5,850.00 (USD)