Weld Vitesse RT - Polished

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Weld Vitesse RT - Polished
Vitesse represents a clean sheet of paper design that is sure to be a classic in years to come. Its wide-open appearance allows a clear view of your intricate braking system yet still retains its structural integrity for street-use. The Vitesse has a forged modular construction, which is stronger and lighter than a cast construction.

>Designed for O.E. brake caliper clearance on the GM LS1 F-Body, S197 Mustang GT, & other late model performance applications
>Surpasses all applicable race wheel & SAE street wheel standards
>Each wheel includes center cap & valve stem
>Maximum load rating for street applications is 1200 lbs per wheel (2400 lbs per axle) with a 28" tire.
>Available with a black anodized or polished center
>Designed for use with a 5/8" drive stud or short shank mag style lug
>US Patent D609,154S
>Made in Kansas City, USA