PHR Billet Press-In Rear Differential Bushings for 1993-1998 Supra

Price: $219.00 (USD)
PHR 01012219

Powerhouse Racing Billet Rear Differential Mounts. These are the 2 differential mounts that go from the subframe to the differential assembly. These parts are sold as a pair, no welding required! Firm up your rear end, to be able to handle massive horsepower, reduce ET's and 60ft times.

Don't waste energy shaking that differential around. Transfer that power to through the diff, to the axles and to the wheels. Keep the rear end in place. Help eliminate wheel hop. A shaking rear end is a breaking rear end. In addition, improves handling and reduces energy transfer loss in cornering and throttle change.

Made from billet aluminum, and precision CNC for perfect fit everytime.

Also fits Lexus SC300 & SC400

Available in Black Anodized finish only.