PHR Modified 2JZ Timing Belt Drive Gear (Timing Gear)

Price: $129.00 (USD)
PHR 01011027

Powerhouse Racing has always been on the top of the world in creating solutions to common problems that occur with the 2jz engine. One common issue is the timing pickup will often separate from the main timing belt gear and spin causing a trigger/sync error. This will cause running and timing problem. As a solution, we modify the OEM Toyota Timing Pulley to solve this problem so that you can never have this problem in you engine.

We start with a brand new factory Toyota timing gear, and tig weld the timing trigger wheel to the main gear, locking them in place, and completely eliminating possible failure.

This gear is a brand new factory timing gear from Toyota, modified to our specifications before sending to you.


**NOTE FOR VVTi*** A 2JZ utilizing the VVTi system has a different timing gear with 36-2 tooth setup. It is a single piece and does not suffer from the same potential issues. Meaning you do not need to modify the gear on a VVT-i setup.