PHR Plug-n-Play Harness for 7mgte to AEM Version 2 30-6050 Box - 1989-1992 Toyota Supra

Price: $495.00 (USD)
PHR 01010770
PHR now offers a solution to the MK3 Supra crowd who were left by the wayside when the AEM V1 box was disontinued by AEM. This Plug N Play harness allows you to run the V2 AEM on the 7mgte engine with a simple modification to the AEM. We do offer this service here at PHR, or you can purchase the AEM already modified by us. All functionality of the AEM remains, as well as many other options previously not offered by the AEM V1.

Please note: The AEM 30-6050 MUST be modified or damage to the coils and/or igniter will occur.