PHR Fuel Rail for 2JZGTE

The PHR high flow fuel for 2JZGTE (Twin Turbo) features a 17.5mm (-8AN) internal diameter aluminum rail for the most flow possible! Capable of fuel flow to feed over 2000 Horsepower.

The PHR Fuel Rail Kit Includes:
High-flow fuel rail
Mounting brackets
Fuel Injector Bosses
One -8AN side inlet fitting,
One -6AN side outlet fitting,
One -6ORB plug for the center port.

For different inlets or outlets, you can add fittings below.

Comes in a Black Anodized Finish. Our anodizing offers protection against exotic fuels and alcohols.

Must be used with 14mm injector top. Denso (HKS / Greddy style 11mm) fuel injectors will not fit this large diameter fuel rail. We recommend Injector Dynamics injectors with our fuel rails, but there are many injectors that will work.

Will work with factory intake manifold or Virtual Works intake manifold. Will not work with Hypertune Intake Manifolds.

PHR 01011205.TT
Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
If you have a inlet line size other than -8AN, add a fitting to adapt to it.
Rail already comes with a -8AN inlet fitting
If you have an outlet line size other than -6AN, add a fitting to adapt to it.
Rail already comes with a -6AN outlet fitting
Rail will come with a -6ORB plug in this position. If you are doing a center exit setup, add a fitting to adapt to your center exit line. -6 size line is the only size that will fit here because there is limited room between the intake manifold runners.
Rail already comes with a -6ORB plug


  • No Additional Inlet fitting
  • No additional outlet fitting
  • No additional center port fitting
$299.00 (USD)
$299.00 (USD)