PHR Greddy Emanage Ultimate PNP Harness

Price: $595.00 (USD)
PHR 01010713
Our PNP harness for Greddy E-manage Ultimate makes installation a breeze. No cutting into your factory harness. Save hours of installation and troubleshooting. No spending time trying to pinpoint what wire needs to go where. Just plug it in and start tuning! This is no longer offered by Greddy. Powerhouse is the one and only company to offer it.


Tuning Answers: Tuning the Ultimate is a 3 part process:
1. Make sure you use the Ultimate's Boost Sensor and Wiring Harness, Set the Airflow Output Map. You HAVE to have the boost sensor for MAF elimination or for running 20+ psi on MAP based computers (JDM).
2. Adjust the timing map
3. Once you have your timing map and airflow map set, make you fine tuning adjustemnts using the injector output map.
Obviously there is WAY more to it than that, but that is the basic process for getting these units dialed in correctly.

More to come: