PHR Billet 2JZ Front Cover - v2

The PHR billet front cover replaces the factory oil pump and eliminates the need to modify your existing pump. Made specifically for 2JZ dry sump or external wet sump systems. It has all the factory bolt holes with correct threads and retains the factory front main seal. 


The PHR Secondary Idler Bracket is designed to work in conjunction with an OE style tensioner to maintain proper tension on the timing belt. While a single tensioner works well in many applications PHR has seen the need to have an additional tensioner in high hp applications.


PHR 01011014
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PHR Billet Secondary Idler Bracket w/o Idler Bearing
PHR Billet Secondary Idler Bracket w/ Idler Bearing
Stainless Allen Hardware
Stainless Allen Hardware


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  • No Hardware
$995.00 (USD)
$995.00 (USD)