Braille B106C (Carbon)

Price: $288.74 (USD)
527 Pulse Cranking Amps*
10 Amp/Hr Reserve
5.8” x 3.4” x 4.2”
Left Side Positive

"Cool" Carbon Fiber Case

Higher engine temps equal lower battery performance. Braille's exclusive Carbon Fiber Case protects the batteries internals from high temps and provides the longest service life. Don't settle for a metal case that conducts heat, be cool.

No Spill, No Corrosion, No Maintenance

Technically registered as a "sealed valve regulated" design, this patented technology completely eliminates acid spills and corrosion on terminals. This design is environmentally safe does not need filling and maintenance. Air shipping approved.

Exclusive Dual Terminal Design

A Braille Battery exclusive! This feature allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions. It is designed to accept racing, powersports and automotive terminals vertically and horizontally.

Save Every Ounce

At under 7 pounds, the B106C is our lightest Carbon Fiber model. Advanced AGM racing technology produces the most power into a very small package. With 510 pulse cranking amps this has enough more power to start than any other battery in its weight class.

Exclusive Brass Auto Terminals

Included with every Braille Auto Battery are patent pending high quality brass SAE terminals. Designed to distribute the electrical load into and out of the battery. Designed for high amperage, high stress use of racing and audio competitions.

Long Life for Battery and Earth

Braille's Carbon Fiber batteries have longer usage life than standard batteries. Less need for replacement mean less waste. Constructed of recycled lead, plastic and stainless steel ensure we will all have a future to race towards.

Solid Top Lead Connectors

Shaken, not stirred - From 6 "G" NHRA drag launches, to 4 G cornering loads in Indy this design holds the internals firmly in place.
Performance Certified - Fully Charged

Every Braille Battery is individually tested and certified before shipping, eliminating DOA batteries. Fully charged and ready to install at time of shipping.