Winberg Billet 2JZ Crankshafts

Highest Power. Lowest Weight.

Winberg’s new 2JZ Toyota crankshafts are designed to transfer enormous amounts of power. Built from the same material as our 8,000 hp Top Fuel crankshafts, these cranks are designed for the serious racer. Not only will they take all the power you can throw at them, these crankshafts also weigh an incredible 14 lbs less than the stock Toyota crank. Combined, these features ensure that the Winberg 2JZ is the only choice for the truly decerning racer.

No compromise design.

When we designed our 2JZ crankshafts, we ensured that we did not cut short any features. These cranks come as pictured with full
lightening, aerodynamically profiled counterweights, highly strengthened cheeking, and attention to detail that is unmatched in
the crankshaft industry.

Aerospace Grade Steel.

Made from only choice certified aerospace quality steel. Our 2JZ crankshafts are the strongest on the market.


Approximate Weight: 45 lbs. (Compare at stock weight of 59.5 lbs.)
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86mm Stroke
90mm Stroke
94mm Stroke
Available for 3.0 & 3.2 Crankshafts


  • 3.0
  • No
  • No
  • No
$4,615.00 (USD)
$4,615.00 (USD)