Precision 6766 Billet Turbocharger

Price: $1,379.99 (USD)
PTE 6xx-6766
Compressor Housing Options
  • E Cover - 3"in/2"out
  • S Cover - 4"in/2"out
  • Anti-Surge S Cover - 4"in/2"out
  • H Cover - 4"in/3"out
  • Anti-Sruge H Cover - 4"in/3"out
Turbine Housing Options
  • Mitsubishi DSM/Evo1-3 - .63 A/R
  • Buick - .63, .85
  • T3 4 Bolt - .63, .82
  • T3 5 Bolt - .63, .82
  • T3 V-Band - .63, .82
  • T4 V-Band - .58, .68, .81, .96
  • V-Band Inlet/Outlet - .82
  • T4 Divided V-Band - .84, 1.00, 1.15

This auction is for a brand new Precision Billet CEA 6766 Turbo. This popular 67mm turbo is rated for 930hp depending on the application. Please see the chart to the right for the specifics on the compressor and exhaust housings. This is a journal bearing turbo, if you are looking for the ball bearing version of this turbo (We have those too) please email us so we can direct you to the correct auction. If you are unsure of which specs would be best for your build, call or email us first so our experienced sales and tech staff can help answer all of your questions.

Precision recently redesigned their 65mm turbine wheel, improving on its efficiency, and increasing the size to 66mm. They advertise a 30hp boost in power with the same, or better spool thanks to its better design. The new 66mm turbine wheel is a CEA design which means you will gain the similar benefits from a cast CEA exhaust wheel as you do from the billet CEA compressor wheel.

We get many questions about "whats the deal with this billet craze" and its not just that the billet wheel is lighter than the cast wheel, its an entirely new compressor wheel design that is more efficient than the older cast wheel. The old design worked well for many years, but as technology progresses, we get better, more efficient designs. This turbocharger has made 700hp to the wheels in certain applications and comes in a wide range of housing combinations. Most 4cyl applications will use the T3 back housing configuration while most 6 and 8 cyl applications will go with the T4 exhaust housings.