Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

Price: $199.00 (USD)
Bosch 10-211

Bosch state-of-the-art turbine fuel pumps offer many advantages when compared to older roller-cell and inner-gear pump designs. Not only do these pumps offer near silent operation and improved drivability, the core components of this turbine design significantly reduce wear and deliver a longer service life. That's an important consideration when choosing a replacement fuel pump. You can install Bosch Turbine Fuel Pumps with complete confidence. They're nearly identical in dimension and appearance to the units they replace for a precise fit every time. Plus, application-specific, illustrated step-by-step instructions are included with all Bosch Turbine Fuel Pumps for safe and easy installation.

Bosch Fuel Pump Features Bosch Fuel Pump Benefits
Superior turbine pump design Virtually eliminates fuel pulsation

Better drivability, reduced noise, longer life

Bosch impeller ring Smooth fuel flow

Reliable performance

Precision, spin-balanced and polymer-encased armature Reduced noise and vibration

Quiet operation

Premium carbon brushes, utilizing advanced materials Longer, reliable service life
Non-return valve Maintains system pressure

Reduces hot start problems

Noise suppression coil Virtually eliminates radio frequency interference