Blit Nur Spec Cat Back Exhaust for 1993-98 Supra

Blit Nur Spec Cat Back Exhaust for 1993-98 Supra

Price: $785.00 (USD)
BL MT3020
One of the most respected CAT-BACK exhausts on the market. Great sound quality and performance from one of the world leaders from Japan.

The quality of the BLITZ Stainless steel exhausts are second to none. Rated 10/10 for workmanship in a recent magazine test, they also perform as well as they look.

The uniquely designed large diameter mandrel bent piping reduce all unnecessary back pressure, resulting in unparalleled power gains.

Blitz has been building high performance components and exhausts for Japanese super cars for years. The NUR Spec exhaust is a nice sounding rumble at idle and a throaty mean sound at wide open throttle. This is NOT a loud, in-your-face, exhaust, but a clean looking, great performing and sounding exhaust system. All stainless steel piping in 80mm diameter with a 114.3mm tip. Some models include a removable silencer.

Sound Clip: