PHR Fuel Pressure Regulator Bracket for 1993-98 Supra TT

Price: $99.00 (USD)
PHR 01011204

If you've ever tried to figure out where to mount your Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, look no further! This trick hand-made regulator bracket is designed to fit on the side of the OEM Toyota or PHR Race Intake Manifold, and mounts the Aeromotive 13101 regulator within easy reach. Securely attaches to the intake manifold using OEM mounting holes, so no drilling or tapping is required. Its a direct fit for the Aeromotive 13101 series fuel pressure regulators, as used in the PHR Stage 1, 2, and 3 fuel systems. Hand-built from 4130 chromoly tubing and powder coated black for durability and a show appearance. Already included in the PHR Fuel Systems, these are great if your building your very own system or updating an older kit.