PHR Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket for 2JZ

The OEM timing belt tensioner brackets are prone to cracking and breakage in high RPM/high HP applications.

PHR is happy to provide you with hands down the best replacement available:
  • Fully CNC machined from billet steel making it the strongest bracket on the market
  • Black oxide coated to provide corrosion and extend material life.
  • Features an oil embedded bronze slip-in bushing. This oil reduces wear and provides lubrication to prevent seizing.
  • Has a hardened steel pin which rides on the tensioner press for long life

This is a product of unmatched quality and will provide you with the peace of mind that your bracket will never fail.

PHR 01011008
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PHR 01011074


  • No Idler Bearing, Bracket Only
$215.00 (USD)
$215.00 (USD)