**Discontinued** TRD Limited Slip Differential for 1993-98 Auto/& All Supra N/A

Price: $1,000,000.00 (USD)
We believe any single turbo Supra should have an upgraded LSD, as well as any Supra that drag races or road/track races. It is simply a safety concern that should be eliminated. The stock differential is strong (for stock...) but is no where near as strong as the TRD unit. We have never seen nor have broken a TRD LSD, ever. When racing on the track we had to always custom modify the Toyota differentials in order to win the race. Save the time and effort and do it all correct at one time! Another advantage of upgrading to a TRD LSD is both your rear wheels spin together. This increases your traction and makes it much easier to go in a straight line while accelerating, thus making you quicker and more likely to win a race. Note: When changing the LSD you will need 2 bearings, 2 seals, 2 O-rings, and Toyota sealant to properly replace your differential.