Toyota OEM Engine Gasket Kit for 1993-98 Supra

Price: $479.00 (USD)
To 04111-46094
When purchasing a new engine or just refreshing the old engine in place. This Genuine OEM Toyota kit is exactly what you need! This kit replaces virtually every gasket and seal on your entire longblock (both the shortblock and head). It is significantly cheaper than buying each piece separately. This kit includes: Crank seal. 2 x O-rings on Back of Oil Pump. Rear Main Seal. Oil Pick Up Gasket. 4 x Turbo Oil Line Gaskets. Thermostat Gasket. Lower Timing Belt Cover Gasket. By-pass Pipe to Water Pump Gasket. O-ring on Back of Water Pump to Block. Dipstick Tube O-ring. Turbo Oil Outlet Pipe Gasket. Head Gasket. 2 x Valve Cover Gaskets. 16 x Valve Cover Grommets. 24 x Valve Stem Seals. 2 x Cam Seals. 6 x Injector O-rings. 6 x Injector Grommets. 6 x Injector Insulators. 2 x Water By-pass O-rings. Water Outlet Gasket. Intake Gasket. 2 x Exhaust Gaskets. Intake Plenum Gasket. 2 x Fuel Damper Gaskets. Timing Belt Cover Gasket. 2 x Turbo Elbow Outlet Gasket.