Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors for Toyota 93-98 Supra TT, NA

Price: $1,440.00 (USD)
ID 2000-Supra TT MKIV
Injector Dynamics 725cc version for the 93-98 Supra TT- Bad driveability, bad throttle response, & bad crusing with larger injectors are a thing of the past thanks to Injector Dynamics. Its body sizze is 48MM long. These have a droplet size comparable to a 600cc Siemens injector & way better spray pattern & atomization than any other 750cc injector on the market. The proper battery comp values are also provided with each set so you can set it up in your computer & have consistent a/f ratios as battery voltage fluctuates. Most other injectors don't offer that information at anything other than one voltage level.