PHR Upper Radiator Pipe Kit for 1993-1998 Supra

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This is a direct replacement for the factory upper radiator hose, which tends to drop onto the accessory drive belt, eventually causing hose failure. Fits any model TT Supra from 1993-1998. Will not damage the radiator or coolant outlet pipe, as the silicone hose ends absorb any vibrations or movement. Also, the T304 Stainless Steel material used in the PHR Radiator Pipe resists bending and cracking, and will never fail due to heat fatigue (a common problem associated with cheaper aluminum pipe kits). The kit consists of one T304 Stainless Steel hard pipe. Other silicone colors available by special order.
PHR 01010803
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$109.00 (USD)
$109.00 (USD)

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