Brian Crower Stroker Kits - 91mm Billet Crank, BC625+ Rods (5.366"), Custom Pistons For Nissan 93-02 S14, S15 240SX

Price: $3,350.54 (USD)
Stroker Kits designed for SR20DE(T). Go to a 2.3L with 89mm bore. Kit includes 4340 billet 91mm crank,Econo Series rods, custom Pistons made to your desired bore and compression, pins, rings and locks. ACL Race Series rod/main bearings sold separately. BC 4340 billet steel Crankshaft (91mm stroke).BC 4340 Econo or Pro Series steel billet rods w/ARP 220,000 psi fasteners. CP aluminum forged Pistons (any bore size, any compression ratio). 5100 carbon steel alloy wrist pins. 9310 pin upgrade available.Ductile iron plasma top rings, tapered second ring, low tension oil rings. ACL Race Series bearings sold seperately.Fully system balanced and ready to install.